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Post-Halloween wrap-up…and some inspiration for next year

I spent part of Saturday night at Tempe Marketplace with my cousin’s daughter Andrea, who is a junior at ASU. She’d been invited to a Halloween party and didn’t have a costume.

As a pre-dental student, her first idea was to be a “killer tooth fairy” with wand and wings and a bloody mouth. But fairy gear options at the much-picked-over Halloween Superstore were either sized for 8-year-olds or over-the-top sexually suggestive.

So we moved on to Target, where we put our imaginations to work. (Not that easy when they were playing Christmas carols in  the Halloween section.) By then, Andrea had changed her mind and decided to be a hobo. We found an extra large brown plaid shirt in the men’s department that already had a tear in the shoulder (an extra 10% off!). She bought hair products and makeup and we parted ways.

A little over an hour later I was at home on the couch when I got a text with this photo attached. Once she got back to her apartment, her costume idea had morphed again. With the help of her roommates and a pair of lab glasses, she’d become “a lab experiment gone horribly wrong.”

At Stage Mom blogger Lynn Trimble’s suggestion yesterday, I posted a message asking RAK Facebook friends to send us pictures of Halloween costumes.  Here are some of my favorites.


Lisa Geyser sent this photo of her son Jackson as Elvis.

Scary and sweet

Danielle Arcadi sent a photo of “my little Darth Vader and my twins as Mickey & Minnie Mouse.” In real life, the kids are Bella, Braeden and Beau Arcadi.


Barbie Best-Jones sent this picture of her 3-year-old daughter, Isabella Hyde Jones. “We actually stumbled into this costume at Hissyfits, a local children’s resale store on 7th St. & Glendale. I laughed so hard that [she] had to wear it home.”

DIY Dalmatian

Michelle Zerth sent this photo of her 7-year-old son Eddie. “This costume cost very little money and he helped make it,” she wrote. “He wanted to be a Dalmatian for Halloween. He colored the spots on the shirt and I made his ears out of paper and stapled them to a hat. I did buy the makeup pencils at Walmart for $3. He loved it and [wore it] on Saturday the 30th; on Sunday the 31st he changed his mind after finding his old Spiderman suit in his drawer. He went as Spiderman instead. Even though the outfit was like three years old, he didn’t care a bit.”


Avondale mom Shelly Hightower sent this pictures of her son Zane, who dressed up as a box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese for Halloween. “It is his favorite food, and is on the menu at our house every day!” Shelly wrote.




News12 anchor and longtime friend Lin Sue Cooney visited the Raising Arizona Kids website for inspiration. (Or, as she put it, “Stole your YouTube idea for my costume tonight!”)

This idea originally came from our former community relations manager, Katie Charland (above). Nice variation, Lin Sue!

Have a photo you’d like to share? Please send it to me at karen@raisingarizonakids.com.


RAK’s “work husband”

Lin Sue Cooney and "work husband" Mark Curtis.

In our April magazine, 12 News anchor Lin Sue Cooney writes about the remarkable relationship she has with co-anchor Mark Curtis. She calls him her “work husband.”

No disrespect to her strong, happy, real marriage to freelance sports cameraman Sean Cooney. Lin Sue simply acknowledges a reality of today’s workplace: that most of us who work outside the home spend more time with our “work families” than we do our real ones. Which is why happiness at work depends as much on whom you work with as it does the actual work you do.

It’s no secret that most of the staff members at RAK are women. Which makes the role of our lone male employee, Writer/Photographer Daniel Friedman, so extraordinary.

As the community “work husband” (we joke that he’s a polygamist), Dan is a placid and welcome ballast in our estrogen-infused office.

Dan grew up with two sisters, so maybe that’s why he “gets” women. He is completely comfortable being the only guy around (though he did enjoy it when Calendar & Director Editor Mala Blomquist’s husband, Evan, used to come in once a week to do IT work for us). He is unperturbed when lunchtime talk centers on diets, shoes and popular women-targeted TV shows. Sometimes he weighs in with his own unique spin on things. Sometimes he just keeps his head down, focused on his meal.

Dan provides terrific photography for our magazine covers and features, and writes some downright insightful, witty and interesting pieces for our print and daily online “Did You Know…?” features. He’s one of our most prolific writers and bears the pressure of photo shoots, which often involve unpredictable children (and overly anxious parents) with ease.

On top of all that, he’s the amiable recipient of the collective “honey do” list at work. One day, he fixed a broken latch on my point-and-click camera. Another day I saw him heading out the door with Community Relations Manager Katie Charland’s bicycle tire, which Dan, an avid cyclist, planned to repair.

Lin Sue says the label “work husband” doesn’t apply to just any guy who happens to work in your office. “That label is reserved for the rare business relationships that click on both a professional and personal level,” she writes.

Our collective work husband clicks on both accounts.

Dan Friedman surrounded by some of his "work wives" (from left): Mala Blomquist, Debbie Davis, Susie Drake and Katie Charland.