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New tools, old tactics

We’ve been putting on an annual Camp Fair for seven years—this year’s event, on Feb. 26 (my birthday), will be our eighth.

It’s an incredible amount of work to organize these events. It takes a lot of planning, organization, attention to detail and a heartfelt commitment to making it a good experience for everyone who exhibits, and everyone who attends.

To keep the event free to the public, we charge a fee to exhibitors to pay for publicity, rental equipment and various other expenses. So we were flabbergasted when, at one of our early Camp Fair events, we had some interlopers.

Several companies tried to sneak in that year to distribute their flyers—and even copies of a competing magazine!—at our event.

Why would anyone think that was okay?

Today I went up on our Facebook page to post a new message and found that someone had beat me to it. Someone with a competing publication had posted a message promoting their company. I couldn’t believe it—and of course immediately removed it.

We are blessed to live in a day and age when we have many wonderful tools for communicating and connecting. But now the intrusive distraction of door-to-door salesmen has morphed into annoying, unsolicited phone calls, which have morphed into aggravating and time-consuming email spam, which has now morphed into hijacking Facebook accounts. A few people always have to ruin it for the rest of us.

Technology evolves. Apparently, human behavior doesn’t.