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Weekly photo challenge: shadow

Sometimes a shadow is an echo. A memory. A moment that thrilled, touched, moved. Sadness that it has ended and the flicker of hopeful anticipation that it may come again.

Three-time Grammy Award winning musician Tom Chapin performed for 3,500 school children this week during three separate performances at Higley Center for the Arts in Gilbert. He ended his Thursday morning concert singing a “goodbye” song, walking slowly offstage, strumming a refrain on his autoharp. He seemed unwilling to severe the connection he’d established with the children, each of whom had learned Chapin’s songs in school, thanks to a special curriculum developed to teach life lessons about about inclusiveness, making healthy choices, tolerance, respect and the environment.

For the adults in the audience, it was an electric moment — filled with hope and silent prayers that those lessons will shadow these children for the rest of their lives.


Why am I thinking about about shadows? WordPress hosts a Weekly Photo Challenge for those of us who took the 2011 Post a Day (or Post a Week) Challenge. I think you’re supposed to let the picture tell the story by itself but I couldn’t help myself.