Superheroes who are headed to see “Thor”

I’ve been frustrated with my blog lately. No time, no energy and an aggravating problem with the RSS feed that is preventing it from even showing up on our website’s main blogs page. I’ve got IT people working on that.

But today I am back. Ever since my post about “My life with superheroes,” I’ve been eager to share some of the cute pictures I’ve been getting from readers.

We asked families to send us pictures of the superheroes in their family for a chance to win tickets to a Saturday sneak preview screening of “Thor.” In the epic adventure, “The God of Thunder” discovers what it really means to be a hero.

The contest ended Wednesday and the complete list of winners is here. These are my favorite pictures:

Abigail Bayless Feldman of Phoenix, who is 7 now, but was 4 when this picture was taken.

Josh Hall of Mesa, who is 4. This was at his (rock star?) superhero birthday party.

Five-year-old Keagan Lewis of Phoenix.

Trinidad Jimenez, 12, of Phoenix.

Jonathan Wenzel of Surprise, now 4, was 2 in this Halloween photograph.

Eight-year-old Lucas Lundstrom, aka Batman.


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