People who make mundane tasks fun

I always look forward to collecting proofreading pages from Mary Ann Bashaw, who does double duty as a writer and copy editor for Raising Arizona Kids.

Mary Ann is one of those people who makes everything feel like a celebration. She is positive, joyful and often quite funny. Never do I appreciate those qualities more than when we are slogging through the proofreading process and making final corrections to each month’s magazine.

Mary Ann often draws smiley faces on articles she likes, or adds comments in support of other staff members whose efforts she admires. “Applause!! Applause!!” she wrote on one occasion.

At the end of Brittney Walker’s upcoming article on co-sleeping, Mary Ann wrote, “EXCELLENT ARTICLE! Always a hot topic.” She also praised Brittney for a “good hook” leading readers into the article.

When she read  next month’s Health Matters article on cradle cap, Mary Ann shared the fact that her now-college-age daughter Claire had cradle cap as an infant “and look at her blond mane now!”

And on Lynn Trimble’s upcoming article about “Naming Your Baby,” Mary Ann noticed that her younger daughter’s name, “Hannah,” had dropped off the list of Top 20 baby names in Arizona. “She’ll be glad to know that!” she noted, clearly in tune with her independent, one-of-a-kind daughter.

When my sons were growing up, I tried to point out people who made an effort not just to do their jobs but to enjoy them — whatever those jobs might be. In the often mundane realm of proofreading, Mary Ann is  one of the best examples I know.


One response to “People who make mundane tasks fun

  1. Yay! Thanks Mary Ann! It’s fun to get these little glimpses into the publishing process of my favorite parenting magazine. 🙂

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