Ethiopia – the children who opened my eyes

In May 2012, RAISING ARIZONA KIDS magazine converted to a new website platform. Find this post here.


7 responses to “Ethiopia – the children who opened my eyes

  1. Love the pictures, thanks for sharing~

  2. Karen- This is just absolutely,truly wonderful. I love the pictures, story and just cannot wait to read more…… Sue B. Pfeffer

  3. beautiful photos. thank you!

  4. Wonderful story and oh, what lovely smiles on the children’s faces!

  5. Milkiyas Karato

    I am very touched with your humanitarian deed. Your help will save the lives of many.

    God bless you much, Keep on your holy duty!

  6. Dear Saints!
    My hope is blooming! My broken spirit is recovering! My tear is drying!My soul is rejoicing! When I see the smiling face of needy children with their shinny teeths.
    The blessed works of you the saints will bring the hopeless to HOPE.
    I join you with my soul and spirit to your blessed job,
    Karen, God bless you and your team members! Wolayta is your second home and you are the first famly member for Wolaytas as those of many.
    Be blessed in your life!

  7. How great and blessed job!

    There are so many Todllers and teenagers who suffers a lot because the shortage of nutrition. If any body wants, Could visit their hell community
    Let us be open to disclose our poverty! Give hands to shake the poverty!
    The top five poor areas
    1/ Hobicha
    2/ Diguna
    4/ Kindo Koysha
    5/ Gilo Bisare
    6/ Faracho
    7/ Chawo Kare
    8/ Badessa
    9/ Horbabicho
    10/ Gulgula

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