Ethiopia – “I Gotcha Day” (times two)

In May 2012, RAISING ARIZONA KIDS magazine converted to a new website platform. Find this post here.


5 responses to “Ethiopia – “I Gotcha Day” (times two)

  1. wonderful pictures! looking forward to more!!

  2. I’ve been waiting for the story of the first meeting! Loved it!

  3. Very cool! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

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  5. I can’t even begin to express how wonderulful Keri and Brian deGuzman are. Yes I might be a little partial considering I’m married to Brian’s brother Bill. But I still tear up when I look at these babies pictures and know how lucky they are to be a deGuzman. My husband is also adopted by the most wonderful, loving people ever. It’s nice to see Brian and Keri also having the love in their hearts to adopt children that were in need of such amazing parents as those two.

    I always have said that if every woman was meant to give birth then what would happen to all those babies that needed a home? God bless you both and can’t wait to see the kids again this month…

    Denise deGuzman

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