Preparing for Ethiopia: the reading list

In May 2012, RAISING ARIOZONA KIDS magazine launched a new website. You now can find this post here.


2 responses to “Preparing for Ethiopia: the reading list

  1. Thanks for the mention, Karen! (Although, to be fair, I didn’t LIVE in Ethiopia…but I may as well have, I was there so often! I actually lived just to the south, in Kenya, for 10 years.) When are you actually off for the “Dark Continent”??

    • Oops! Sorry for the error, Barbara, and thanks for gentle correction! I am totally on pins and needles waiting for news about our departure date. Last I heard we are still waiting for a visa appointment. The deGuzmans were hoping we’d be traveling “late June or early July.” Every morning I wake up and wonder, “Will I hear today?”

      Let me know if you need your book back before I leave. Otherwise, I’ll buy you lunch and return it when I can share stories from my trip. Take care!

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