An apology to editors and environmentalists everywhere

Yesterday I decided I was finally losing it. The commotion in my house was at an all-time high. My doorbell rang constantly and so did my cell phone. My brain circuits were so overloaded that when Editorial Intern Brooke Mortensen asked what she could do to help, my first response was, “I don’t know!”

For the most part, I’ve been proud of myself the last two weeks, since The Great Office Flood of 2010.

I approached this new challenge with a sense of adventure. I tried to remain flexible. I focused on what needed to be done instead of how I felt about it. And I kept pushing my limits (and the length of the business day) longer and farther and until finally, over the weekend, I collapsed into a cozy papsan chair in our guest room on Sunday afternoon and decided all I could do for the next two hours was stare at the ceiling.

My body had given out.

But it wasn’t until yesterday that I started to seriously worry about my mind. I went in to do our daily website updates and discovered that for more than a week I’d been promoting a May 28 Phoenix Mercury game. (Web visitors clearly excused my error because they entered the contest — which is actually for the June 18 game — anyway.) Though it was Tuesday, I thought it was Wednesday so I went onto our Facebook to announce that one of our contests — for Sesame Street Live tickets — was ending at 5pm. (It’s actually ending at 5pm today, so if you read this and want to enter, do so here.)

As en editor, I hate making sloppy mistakes like that. But something’s going to give when you’ve lost the security of your everyday routine and instead have nine people in and out of your house all day, nonstop UPS and Federal Express deliveries, cooking projects going on in the kitchen (for upcoming RAK Recipes features), photo shoots going on in your back yard (for upcoming “How-To’s Day” features) going on in your back yard, a blueline proof showing up from the printer, a realtor dropping by to pick up copies of Schools, etc. and a repairman fixing a running toilet in the back bedroom. (Hey, if I have to work at home, I’ certainly going to take advantage and schedule some of these nagging projects!)

So I guess I shouldn’t be so hard on myself.

I’m also trying to forgive my temporary lowered standards in regard to environmental issues. I’m running my home air conditioning at full tilt. I’m burning up gas making multiple trips to the office each day for things I need to pick up or people I need to meet as the reconstruction of our space continues. (Yesterday they replaced the linoleum!) And I’m going through flats of plastic water bottles like they were, well, water. As someone who typically carries a refillable stainless-steel water bottle and encourages the practice of “reuse, reduce, recycle” this troubles me greatly.

But as I keep saying to myself: something’s got to give. After a better night’s sleep I’m convinced it’s not going to be my sanity.


2 responses to “An apology to editors and environmentalists everywhere

  1. Karen: It’s clear that both ‘water gods’ and ‘writing gods’ are at work (and play) here. The “Great Flood of 2010” has you writing again–a precious gift, I suspect, to both you and your readers (including the ones who work alongside you, buckets and all). –Lynn

  2. I think I’m going to investigate how we can get RAK Kleen Kanteens for everybody! After this is over, you’re going to need a vacay 🙂

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