Preparing for Ethiopia: the health aspects

In May 2012, RAISING ARIZONA KIDS magazine launched a new website. You now can find this post here.


3 responses to “Preparing for Ethiopia: the health aspects

  1. I’m a children’s book author who grew up in Ethiopia and works with a nonprofit to start children’s libraries there and will be part of a Fulbright-Hayes-funded group of teachers this summer. They’re all asking me questions about the same things :> and since I had my shots starting when I was 2, I’ve been trying to evaluate it all. You’ll love the adventure!

    • Jane, thank you for writing! I visited your website (, in case other readers wish to do the same) because I wanted to learn more about your children’s books…and because I was so curious to know how you got to Ethiopia in the first place. You must have had an amazing childhood! It is fascinating to see how that experience so powerfully influenced your writing, your career, your life… and now your community outreach. Looks like you have an incredible travel schedule but I hope you’ll let me know if you ever come to Phoenix. I would love to meet you!

  2. I definitely will! American Girl has had me traveling all over the country because of the Lanie books this spring…but, alas, not Phoenix (where I have cousins). Maybe we’ll meet up in Ethiopia. You’re so right that growing up there not only seeps everywhere into my books but also into my volunteer work–and family.

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