Sometimes it’s a leap to get the right shot

Last Saturday, photographer Daniel Friedman participated in a 50-mile, single-track mountain bike riding event in Prescott. On Monday, he was leaping from bridge to bridge at the Lazy River at Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort with Art Director Michelle-Renee Adams, trying to get just the right shot for the photo that will open our June issue directory of summer resort getaways that feature family-friendly amenities and discounted rates.

It was a beautiful day but it was also quite warm. I’m sure both Dan and Michelle were wishing they could join our models, Vicky and Tessa Davis, in the pool.

Account Executive Susie Drake was the connection that got this mom and daughter tubing around for our photo shoot. Susie’s daughter Katie participates in high school track. They met Vicky and Tessa through the Arizona Elite Track Club.

“The first thing you need to know about this family is that they are extremely generous and super sweet,” Susie told me.

Vicky was an All-American in track and field at the University of Nebraska. Now the mom of Tessa, a seventh grader at Rancho Solano Private School, and Dylan, a junior at Brophy College Preparatory, she coaches hurdles at Desert Vista High School and volunteers her time coaching for Arizona Elite.

Vicky’s husband, Brian Davis, was the Washington Redskins’ first draft pick in 1987 and played on their World Championship Team in Super Bowl XXII. He retired from football after eight years.

Vicky and Brian now own The Training Room in Scottsdale, where they train budding athletes from high school to college to professional athletes — and even regular moms and dads.

Dan Friedman works on getting just the right shot. Photo by Michelle-Renee Adams.


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