Just another day in the Goddard household

It was starting to feel like summer on Friday afternoon as we set up for a June cover shoot with Attorney General Terry Goddard and his 11-year-old son, Kevin.

Dan Friedman sets up for the shoot.

The temperature was in the 90s and the air had that little bit of a sticky feel to it. But the lush gardens in the backyard of the Goddard home, in historic Central Phoenix, were still holding their own, unwilling to give up the last fresh breaths of spring.

As Art Director Michelle-Renee Adams and photographer Daniel Friedman set up for the shoot, I followed Kevin around the garden in search of ladybugs.

The Goddards’ son is an afffable, easy-going kind of guy who accepted our invasion of his home and backyard as though it happens every day. He took me under his wing and showed me around the yard, pointing out the lily pads in the pond and the towering sunflowers that had found their way into the flower bed.

Sunflowers in the Goddard backyard.

We noticed that some of the other, more delicate flowers had been attacked by aphids, so Kevin started off on a mission to load up the vulnerable plants with exterminator ladybugs. Dan had a hard time dragging him away when it was time for the photo shoot with his dad, who wrote a story for the June Father’s Day edition of Raising Arizona Kids magazine. His article, “Raising a Reader” describes the reverence for reading that has characterized generations of Goddard family members and includes a list of books Terry has enjoyed reading aloud with Kevin.

We look forward to sharing Terry’s story in June. Meanwhile, here are some more pictures I took at the Goddard home Friday. — Karen

Terry Goddard and his son Kevin

Getting started...

The Goddards' three dogs, including Petey (left) and Jake, were NOT happy to be cloistered in the house during the shoot.

We wanted to get a family shot with mom, Monica Goddard, too--but who let the dogs out?

Kevin enjoys photography and took some fabulous shots as we were waiting. He and I swapped tips while the real pros did their work.


5 responses to “Just another day in the Goddard household

  1. What a wonderful family outing for the Goddard’s – I know they have precious little time together because Terry Goddard works most of the time. HE has fought for Arizona since I have known him, and he sincerely believes in the possibilities for this state. I certainly hope we have enough sense as voters to elect him as our next Governor!

  2. Looks like a terrific photo shoot, Karen, and I’ll look forward to reading the article. Anything to encourage reading should be lauded! Keep up the great work.

  3. gorgeous shots! two great covers in one week!!

  4. Great idea!! I have watched Kevin mature over the years and he has become such a fine young man. I know everyone knows the awesome experience of reading a good book. As a mother of a son in college, there is no greater gift a parent can give to a child. KUDOS to Raising Arizona Kids (I just wish you had an edition for parents of college kids! I miss you.)

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